Soaking in Your Essence

Have you ever gazed at a sunset, or the ocean, or a mountain vista, and felt a sense of wonder?  You paused, breathed deeply, soaked in the majesty of the universe and felt your place within it.  In other words, without making any effort, you slipped into meditation.

Meditation is a human instinct.  Put very simply, meditation is soaking in your own essence.  We all do this naturally, and we can learn to cultivate this state by following our own inner guidance.  You know what you love, so just follow your own lead!  There is no right or wrong way to meditate, and you will almost certainly crave different experiences at different times.

I believe that meditation should work with your nature, instead of against it.  It should enhance the flow of life through you, rather than cut off any part of it.  You're an individual; let's celebrate that!  It's my joy, my honor, and my privilege to assist people in discovering their own pathways into essence.

I celebrate you -- your whole unique self.