Stronger Together

I love syncytia (sin-SISH-ah).  I love the beautiful sound of it, and also its meaning.

A syncytium is a cell formed by the fusion of many other cells.  The best example in the human body is your skeletal muscle (the muscles you're in voluntary control of).  Thousands of cells fuse together to form one long myofiber (muscle cell).  Each smaller cell retains its nucleus (where it houses its genetic material), so it has its own individual identity to some extent, even after being absorbed into the syncytium.  They're all organized to pull in the same direction.  After birth, these syncytia are ready to be strong and allow you to move through the world (although it takes a baby a while to develop the ability to coordinate the movements well).

And isn't that a metaphor for life?  To accomplish our work in the world, thousands of us come together.  We can each retain our core identity, even as we become part of that whole.  When we fuse into larger groups, we're stronger.  We all pull in the same direction, and we can move almost anything.