Disorganized Healing

Have you ever looked closely at a wound while it's healing?  You might have noticed a type of pink, bumpy, uneven tissue called granulation tissue.

Granulation tissue forms while a wound is healing.  It looks uneven because the tissue isn't very well-organized.  During the process of healing, granulation tissue forms quickly to fill the wound.  It consists mainly of blood vessels and loose connective tissue.  This allows the body to mobilize other cells to create a more permanent tissue as the process of healing continues.  It would be easy to look at granulation tissue and believe that something has gone wrong with the healing process; this terribly chaotic thing has formed.  But what may look like a failed healing process is really just a first step.

When we're wounded emotionally or spiritually, the process is similar.  When the process of our healing begins, the first new growth often looks disorganized and uneven.  It may appear that we haven't really healed, but just allowed something to loosely fill the gap.  Seeing ourselves at this stage, we could easily assume that our healing process hasn't quite worked, that we've allowed our wound to be filled with something that's uneven and doesn't quite fit.  Did we do it wrong?

If you see this happening in your body or your life, be tender with yourself.  Protect the new growth, and allow the process of healing to continue.  Right now, things may look a little disorganized.  But it's just a natural step in the process.