Exploration and discovery help us feel excited, vibrant, and fully alive.

Everyday life can get bogged down by routine. It’s easy to rush through our days, letting each week be nearly identical to the last one, and forgetting to notice how amazing it is to be alive, in these bodies, on this planet.

The antidote? Wonder.

When we have new and amazing experiences, and let ourselves be astonished, we open our hearts back up to the pure joy of life. We feel the tingly excitement of being alive.

Come and rediscover your sparkle with us in Tobago, the gem of the Caribbean. No cruise ship crowds, no tourist traps, no high rise hotels; this is the pure, authentic Caribbean.

And it’s chock-full of wonder.


Experience sparkling Tobago magic – a bioluminescent lagoon!

In the heart of this enchanting Caribbean island lies a lagoon filled with bioluminescence. This rare phenomenon creates water that literally sparkles! Microscopic creatures in the water emit a tiny glow of light when you touch them. We’ll have a private session paddleboarding or kayaking on the lagoon at night, enjoying this incredible experience.

Although you might be used to paddleboarding instructors asking you to stay on your board, here you’ll get to have the opposite experience – you’ll be encouraged to jump in and swim in the bioluminescent waters! Imagine…your arms and legs will create shimmers all around you, as the stars shine overhead. This will be an unforgettable night.


Connect with the vibrancy of nature – from the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere, to world-class coral reefs.

Although the bioluminescent lagoon will undoubtedly be a highlight, that’s not the only special experience that Tobago has to offer. This island has been a nature haven for centuries. On the island, we’ll spend time in the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. Many people come here just to enjoy the bird life, with hundreds of beautiful species, some of which are unique to this area. This rainforest is filled with life, including monkeys, butterflies, frogs, and more. We’ll have the chance to enjoy nature’s boundless creativity.

Like all of life’s transformational experiences, travel reaches its true potential when you pause to soak it in. We’ll give ourselves some time for a little meditation in the rainforest. You’ll soak in the sounds, the smells, the feeling of being there, connecting with the vibrancy of nature and becoming more vibrant yourself.

Tobago is an incredible treat on land, but the water that surrounds it is equally enchanting. Snorkelers and divers come to enjoy the abundance of life that thrives in the nutrient-rich waters brought here by the ocean’s currents. We’ll offer the opportunity to snorkel or (if you’re certified) scuba dive, so you can enjoy the colorful underwater paradise.

kariwak yoga 3.jpg

Enjoy daily yoga and meditation, to keep your body and mind feeling great.

Antonella, Jordan, and I are all dedicated yoga teachers, so you certainly won’t lack for yoga with us! Starting the day with yoga helps your body and mind to feel great throughout the day. When the schedule permits, we’ll offer additional yoga and/or meditation opportunities during the afternoon and evening.

We’ll have unlimited access to our incredible retreat center’s unique open-air octagonal yoga space, where we’ll soak in beauty (birdsong, floral scents, soft breezes) throughout our practices. All three of your teachers are highly experienced in working with all types of bodies (including people with no yoga experience, or who have injuries), and we also love to be creative with our yoga – so the practices will never be boring!

Although this octagonal yoga space is truly stunning, we’ll also have the option to do yoga on the nearby beaches. How often do you get to practice yoga on a gorgeous tropical beach, soft sand under your feet, with the water and air at the perfect temperature, and the light bathing you in that morning golden glow? We can’t miss this opportunity!

This is your retreat and you’re in charge of it – so if you decide that you want to sleep in instead of coming to morning yoga, we won’t judge you at all! Yoga is there for you, but it’s not mandatory.

kariwak hammock.jpg

Enjoy your stay in a holistic haven.

Our retreat center, Kariwak, is known for being a haven of peace and tranquility, mindfully designed to take advantage of the nature all around. The center has even been visited by the Dalai Lama, whose talk here was the first event to take place in that gorgeous yoga space upon its opening. Here in this oasis, the outside world will melt away, and you’ll find it easy to feel deeply connected to self, to nature, and to your new friends.

Kariwak has its own two-acre garden, where they grow the fresh produce that makes the meals there so incredible. Three times a day, you’ll get to eat the fruits (and veggies!) of this garden, prepared for you with love. You can even wander around the grounds and pick tropical fruit right from the trees, letting the juice run down your face as you taste it.

For my massage lovers: yes, there’s a spa! You can feel free to have as many massages as you’d like. This is the perfect place to enjoy them.

Patti, Antonella, and Jordan look forward to welcoming you to the enchanting Caribbean island of Tobago. If you have any questions, please use the form below to get in touch with me. If you’re ready join us, you can reserve your spot here!

A $300 nonrefundable deposit will save your space. The total investment for the Tobago retreat is $2450 for a space in a shared double room, or $2950 for a single room. Your retreat investment includes accommodations, all meals, group activities, local transportation around the island, and tips for guides; everything except your international airfare, alcoholic beverages or extra snacks (beyond meals), souvenirs, and any spa treatments (such as massages) that you may choose to have while in Tobago. We want you to feel completely relaxed and at ease, with all your needs covered!

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