Sardinia is Italy's best-kept secret.

On this island in the Mediterranean, an ancient culture thrives, with its own language (Sarda), recipes, and traditions. Strongly connected to their families and their heritage, the Sardinians maintain many aspects of the culture that made the island a Blue Zone (a global longevity hot spot).

Few outsiders know about this incredible treasure, and even fewer have been welcomed into its heart. This spring, a small group of Yoga and Art Adventurers will be among those select few to be invited in, to explore the secrets of Sardinia.

From a garden of singing stones to the last population of wild horses in Europe, from cooking ancient recipes to tasting local wine and olive oil, from exploring ancient ruins to spending time with local families (and eating their food!) – our time in Sardinia will be filled with surprising and unique experiences. Thanks to our incredible local guide, Ivo, we'll have access to people and places that simply aren't available any other way.

Cook, eat, and drink the Sardinian way (slow and delicious), with an expert local guide.

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Why do Sardinians live to be 100 at such high rates? A big part of it is what – and how – they eat and drink. Food is at the heart of Sardinian culture, and this cuisine is uniquely healthy as well as delicious. Meals are made from fresh local ingredients, and are meant to be savored and shared with friends and family. Wine is also an important part of the culture, and is generally included (in moderation) with lunch and dinner. Sardinians never rush meals, preferring instead to spend time enjoying the food and connecting with others.

We'll have multiple opportunities to learn more about Sardinian cuisine. We'll have cooking classes, in which we'll cook some recipes that are centuries old, and tastings of locally produced wine and olive oil. We'll even visit a local family farm, and pick some of our own produce alongside the family. We'll take all of our meals Sardinian-style, slow and delicious; when possible, we'll eat with locals, forming the personal connections that make travel so rewarding.

Ivo will stay with us the whole time, and will offer his incredible wealth of knowledge about everything related to Sardinia. Holding a PhD in biology, and having lived in Sardinia for his whole life, he can help you deeply understand this culture on all levels – whether you want to nerd out about biochemistry and genetics, or just learn how to prepare the most delicious Sardinian recipes.

Explore mysterious ancient ruins, from a time long before the Romans.

The Nuraghic civilization, which inhabited Sardinia long before the arrival of the Romans, remains shrouded in mystery. They left behind huge numbers of nuraghe, structures after which the civilization is named but whose function is still not fully known. They dot the landscape across the island, keeping the people connected to their past. Exploring these is an evocative and moving experience. Time permitting, we'll spend a bit of meditation time inside of one of these ancient structures.

We'll also get to spend time with the incredible Giants of Mont'e Prama, striking statues from the Nuraghic period. These, too, remain largely mysterious to modern researchers, and evoke an ancient past to which Sardinia is still connected.

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Enjoy daily yoga and art in unique and memorable settings.

As always, I'll include daily yoga to help you feel great on your travels. Whenever possible, we'll do this in incredible places (such as next to the last population of wild horses in Europe – last time they stayed near us the whole class!). I always teach a slow flow class that won't exhaust you; my yoga is sustainable, and it's designed for longevity. I work well with all levels of yoga experience and all types of bodies (including those with injuries). Expect a few unique meditation experiences as well, as we soak in all that Sardinia has to offer.

Nicole will teach you the art of travel journaling, which will allow you to create your own unique souvenir of your time in Sardinia. This will allow you to include art throughout the trip in your own way, and create something truly meaningful to you. She’ll also remain available to you as you do your art, so you can ask questions and learn new artistic skills, and she’ll teach lessons on any topic desired by the group.

You'll also create and take home your own piece of ceramic art, guided by a local artist who's known around the world for his ceramics. You definitely don't need to be an expert artist, or have any artistic experience; everyone is creative (yes, everyone!), and you'll work at your own artistic level, whatever it may be. Our guests are often surprised at what they create while on retreat!

Savor this unique island on all levels.

Sardinia is full of surprises. You'll visit a garden of singing stones, whose vibrations produce a surprising range of sounds, from the earthy to the ethereal. You'll hear an ancient instrument, the Launeddas, that's so difficult to play that it requires ten years of study. You'll visit a varied coastline that contains dramatic sea cliffs as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and you'll also walk through tall mountains where shepherds have roamed for countless generations. Far from the glitzy tourist resorts of the north, you'll visit the real Sardinia, the unspoiled haven of longevity and culture.

You'll go home with a wealth of knowledge about this long-lived and healthy population that knows how to enjoy life, with art that you've created and recipes that you've cooked yourself, and with the memories of a unique travel experience like no other.

Once you've tasted Sardinia, you'll never forget it.


Patti and Nicole look forward to welcoming you to Sardinia. If you have any questions, please use the form below to get in touch with me. If you’re ready join us, you can reserve your spot here!

The total investment for the Sardinia retreat is $2980 for a shared room. (A limited number of single rooms may be available, with a supplemental fee; please let me know if you're interested in this option.) Your retreat investment includes accommodations, all meals (and wine!), group activities, local flights (between Rome and Sardinia) and transportation around the island, and tips for guides; everything except your international airfare (to and from Rome), souvenirs, and any spa treatments (such as massages) you may choose. 

If you'd like to stay in Italy before or after the retreat, to enjoy the delights of Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, or other parts of this lovely country, I will be happy to help you make arrangements.

Although we were sold out, we have recently had a cancellation, so there’s one space available. It’s your lucky day!

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