Exploring the world around us is a fundamental desire of human beings. When you travel with me, you won't spend your whole trip in the yoga studio. You'll spend time playing and exploring the area, having adventures and discovering new things. You'll balance and integrate these new experiences with (optional) meditation and yoga, along with free time for rest and relaxation (and, if you want it, spa time!). The result will be a rejuvenating and transformative experience unlike any other trip you've ever taken.

Here’s the current schedule of my upcoming adventures. If you'd like to learn more about any of these, please feel free to ask! Leading these trips is my favorite thing, and I put lots of time and energy into ensuring that they are the best possible experiences. I hope that you'll join me – and a truly incredible group of other people – for an adventure!

Secrets of Sardinia: Yoga and Art Adventure in Italy, April 2019

These Yoga and Art Adventures are getting more popular every year! In spring 2019, we’ll visit Sardinia, the gorgeous island that remains Italy’s best-kept secret. From a garden of singing stones to the last population of wild horses in Europe, from cooking ancient recipes to tasting local wine and olive oil, from exploring ancient ruins to spending time with local families (and eating their food!) – our time in Sardinia will be filled with surprising and unique experiences. Thanks to our incredible local guide, we'll have access to people and places that simply aren't available any other way. We have just two spaces remaining for this one. Learn more here.

Malta: Explore the Divine Feminine, June 2019

The sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Malta is filled with mystery. A group of large structures much older than the pyramids was left behind by a culture that long ago disappeared into the mists of time. Tantalizing clues suggest that some of these were temples dedicated to one or more goddesses. Along with mythologist Allison Stieger of Mythic Stories, we'll explore the divine feminine, and touch the core of what it means to be embodied as a woman. This gathering will be an epic experience like no other. Coming June 2019 and spaces are filling ahead of the official announcement; join my list to be the first to get access!

Bali: Inspiration and Deep Connection, October 2019

Bali is more than just a lovely tropical island; it's a sanctuary, where a deep and profound appreciation for beauty and connection infuse every day. Many travelers have been influenced by the incredible generosity and warmth of the Balinese people, as well as by their appreciation of art, music, dance, and other forms of beauty. Come with me, along with popular and well-loved yoga teacher Seongyoon Lee (who radiates positivity in every moment), to soak in inspiration and deep connection. If you love yoga, then you’ve heard about the magic of Bali – isn’t it time you experienced it for yourself? Details coming soon; feel free to ask me for more info!

Tobago: Rediscover Your Sparkle in the Caribbean, February 2020

Have you ever spent time swimming in a bioluminescent lagoon? The experience of creating sparkles with your body will be just one of the highlights of our time on Tobago, the gem of the Caribbean. No cruise ship crowds, no tourist traps, no high rise hotels; this is the pure, authentic Caribbean. I’m excited to be joined by Antonella and Jordan, the popular dynamic duo of Gravity Lift, as we soak in wonder and delight, and rediscover the excitement of being alive. Come and find your sparkle with us (along with the sun, which we know you’ll need!) in Tobago next winter. Learn more here.

Zambia: Yoga and Art Adventure, November 2020

Because the Yoga and Art Adventures are so popular, Nicole and I have already begun the process of planning the next one! We received many requests for an African safari adventure…ask and you shall receive, my friends. We’ll visit Zambia, in sub-Saharan Africa, where we’ll stay in a retreat center that often has elephants walking through the lobby during this time of year! If you’ve been dreaming of Africa, get ready to fulfill your dream along with a truly wonderful group of Yoga and Art Adventure enthusiasts. (Not to get too sappy…but I absolutely love these people!) First dibs will go to those who’ve joined us for one of these trips before, and then to my list if there are still spots left.



This isn't all – I'm in the process of planning a few other adventures, and I think some of it will surprise you! If you want to be among the first to learn about these trips, with an opportunity to save your spot before others even know about them, join my email list. My list is always the first to know about everything I do!